How To Get The Experts To Attend To A Problem?

You report to work as usual. You sit down to get on with your work when your boss calls you on the phone and asks you to come to his office. You enter the room and realise that your boss is in a foul mood. Your boss tells you that his computer has got stuck and he cannot use the program.  You are clueless when it comes to computer programs and don’t know what to do. You consult the boss’s secretary and she gives you the number of a company that undertakes this type of work.

Special promotion

You immediately call up the professionals and a team is sent to your office to check out the problem. The mobile team checks your boss’s computer and tells him that a virus has got into the machine and has shut down all the functioning programs. The expert tells your boss that he hasn’t updated his virus program and this is the reason for the computer to get stuck. The team tells your boss that the problem can be sorted out by them within the day and that you have to register with the company before the job is done.  The team also tells your boss that they have a special promotion going on at the moment and that they can also install the applicant tracking software package into the company’s computer system to make things easier for the staff.  

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Virus program

They explain the value of having such a package in your computer system and tell your boss that he has to pay only 50% of the cost for the package because of the promotion. When your boss realises just how convenient it is to have such a program he decides to get the program installed into the computer system. Your boss also asks the experts to install the online time & attendance software program as well. The mobile team also tells your boss that they have a special virus program that they will install and that he will not have a situation where his computer suddenly shuts down while he is working.

One year warranty

By the end of the day your company’s computer system is as good as new and functioning smoothly. The expert team also gives the staff a special training on how to use the updated system and how to avoid a situation where the machine gets stuck due to a virus problem. They also give your boss a one year warranty on the installed package. So what more can you expect from a professional company that has only the customer’s interests at heart.